Semi-Private or Private Heated VIP Manatee Swim Tour - Pontoon of Privilege - Crystal River

From USD $84.00
  • Duration: 3 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Crystal River, FL
  • Product code: VIPsemi 3 hr


Join River Ventures for an unforgettable adventure on our heated, luxury pontoon boats, where you'll be treated like royalty. We keep it intimate with a maximum of 6 people per tour guided by our in-water HD photographer, ensuring a personal and high-end encounter. 

Why book with River Ventures? 

  • The ‘OG’ of Swim with Manatee: Dive into the world of manatees with the largest and most experienced center in Crystal River and Homosassa – since 2004! 

  • Manatee Guarantee ($): No manatees? No worries, we’ll refund you.  

  • Tour options for any budget: Save money or splurge, we have a tour for you.    

  • Manatees, Dolphins & Airboats: Combo-Tours, book for the manatee and stay with the dolphins 

  • Over 5000 5-star reviews online! Need we say more?  

  • Your A-Team: Expert guides, pirate captains, underwater photographers and booking wizards 

  • Eco-Edutainment: In-classroom presentation. Learn from our passionate guides. 

What makes this a VIP tour?  

  • In – water Guide & Photographer 

  • USCG Master Captain 

  • Heated Vessel 

  • Cushioned Boat Seats

  • Maximum Capacity of 6 people 

  • Mask & Snorkel 

  • Full length Wetsuit 

  • Adult Beverages 

  • Coffee, Hot Cocoa & Tea 

  • Bottled Water & assorted sodas 

  • Assorted snacks 


  • 3 Hour Tour  

Meet up 

  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to tour time 

  • Location: 498 SE Kings Bay Drive, Crystal River, FL 34429 

What to Expect 

  • Begin your journey with a warm welcome from the most seasoned Crew in town at River Ventures Tour Center 

  • Acquaint yourself with USFWS Manatee Encounter Rules and get fitted for a wetsuit in a classroom setting 

  • Step aboard luxury pontoon boat with full isinglass enclosure and comforting warmth during winter 

  • Experience exclusivity with a limited group of just 6 VIP passengers on this tour 

  • Cruise in style through Kings Bay, Three Sisters Springs and more while searching for manatees 

  • Swim with Manatee while Guide captures your experience with a cutting-edge HD action camera 

  • Savor a selection of hot beverages, alcoholic drinks, refreshing sodas and assorted snacks on board 

  • Conclude your experience at River Venture’s Tour Center, indulge in souvenir shopping and admire photos 

Important Policies  

  • Minimum of 3 people to operate, if the minimum is not met, you will be offered a different tour time. 

  • Minimum Age to Participate in the Semi-Private VIP Tour is 3 Years old, please book all 6 seats or a private manatee tour (***add link) to bring younger passengers. 

  • Dogs are not allowed on the Semi-Private VIP Tour, please book a private manatee tour (***add link) to bring your furry friend. 

Expectations & Tour Conditions   

  • Colder Weather = More manatees 

  • Warmer Weather = Less manatees 

We prioritize both the satisfaction of our customers and the safety of the Crystal River manatees. It is crucial to maintain realistic expectations when engaging in encounters with wild manatees since we cannot control their behavior or migration patterns. Typically, colder weather attracts a greater number of manatees, while warmer weather results in fewer sightings and more time spent searching for these gentle giants. Each trip is distinct, offering a unique experience for every individual. For detailed information on current conditions, we encourage you to visit our conditions page or contact us directly for more details. 

THREE SISTERS SPRINGS is managed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service who reserves the right to close the area to swimmers at any time. During cold spells when the animals are thermoregulating in the spring area, it will be closed to avoid harassment and ensure the animals can rest. We May or may not be able to access this one-acre spring (part of the 600-acre refuge area) and that is something we cannot predict from day to day. 

The Manatee Guarantee  

River Ventures is now offering an optional manatee guarantee upgrade! With our Manatee Guarantee, we eliminate the risk from your tour by assuring you'll have the opportunity to swim with manatees. In the event that you are unable to swim with manatees during your tour and you have chosen the optional upgrade prior to your tour, River Ventures will provide you with a full refund! The guarantee does not cover situations where a guest is unable or unwilling to participate in the activity or fails to adhere to instructions and rules provided by the River Ventures crew. 

Additional Information 

Exclusive Natural Encounters 

Indulge in River Venture’s VIP Manatee Swim Tour in Crystal River, FL, crafted to offer a refined and respectful rendezvous with the Florida manatees. Our seasoned guides are dedicated to upholding the stringent USFWS guidelines, guaranteeing the well-being of the West Indian Manatee in their pristine natural habitat during your exclusive swim with the manatee tour. 

All-Inclusive Luxuries 

Commence your journey at River Ventures' full-service tour center. Here, your certified in-water guide and talented photographer will provide essential insights on proper manatee etiquette in a classroom setting and ensure a perfect wetsuit fit. Once prepared, join our esteemed USCG Master Captain on our luxury, covered and enclosed pontoon boats, setting forth to explore the  realm of manatees in the Kings Bay National Wildlife Refuge in Crystal River, FL. 

Seasoned Crew of Experts 

Onboard, our highly knowledgeable crew will share their wisdom on manatee behavior and conservation efforts, enriching your Florida manatee encounter. As you immerse yourself in the spring fed waters of Crystal River, FL, anticipate an unforgettable swim with the manatee experience. Yet, the journey doesn't conclude there—keep your senses attuned to the wonders of wildlife during your boat tour of King's Bay, which may encompass Three Sisters Springs, Hunter Springs Park, and other local springs. From the initial manatee encounters to the finale with birds, fish, turtles, and perhaps even a dolphin, this tour unveils the uniqueness of our ecosystem, home to the Crystal River manatee. 

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Affair 

Join us today for the best swim and snorkel experience with manatees in Crystal River, FL. Our unwavering commitment to small group sizes ensures an intimate and personalized journey with only 6 participants on board. With comforting warmth provided, there's no need to brave the cold, and a selection of delectable snacks and beverages is readily available, so you won't go hungry. We go the extra mile so your bucket list adventure is a true luxury! Secure your spot on this extraordinary manatee swim tour now and make memories that will endure a lifetime.